Hi guys,

I noticed that my style of yo-yoing is never technical with ladders or stuff you see people like on youtube. My style is pretty simple and I want inspiration. Can someone find a video of someone else with simple tricks that are original so I can see that I’m not the only one out there?


Doesnt have to be technical for it to be awesome, smooth is where its at quite often you know.

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i agree. i’d MUCH rather watch a really smooth technical performance than a speedy technical one. i can appreciate tech, for sure, but speed kills it for me sometimes.

don’t get me wrong, there are some AMAZING speed players out there (big up, Augie) but smooth just does it for me. check out Jason Lee. that guy is BUTTAH. he’s not slow, by any means, but he’s not ridiculous-can’t-keep-up fast.

Oh my, that was just what I needed! This guy has such a similar style to mine and 7th! Thanks Josh

Absolutely agreed. He and Guy Wright just have perfect examples of the smooth, in-between (speedwise) style that I try and emulate. There was also a video on these boards I saw of a Colombian yo-yoer (can’t remember his name) who also exemplified this style. If anyone knows who I’m talking about, please chime in with the name because it was a really awesome video.

What’s the difference between smooth and simple? I’m just curious…

Smooth is all about the style in which you yoyo. Tricks look well rehearsed, with seamless transitions and natural movements. Someone who is unsmooth looks jarring and unplanned.

Simple is all about the design of the tricks. Simple means there’s usually less string segments involved in the trick, and the string segments look less geometrically complex. A famous “simple” player would be Shingo Terada (Terry) or perhaps Tomonari Ishiguro (Black).

Also note that many players who play simple are also very smooth, even though smoothness and simplicity are two different things. =)

Even though I go blazing fast, many of my absolute favorite players are butter-smooth.

Here’s a few of my biggest inspirations:

Jason Lee:

Shingo Terada:

Gary Longoria:


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Why are all the yoyos responsive^^^ ??? and another way to look at it is that not all technical tricks look good if they are broken up and choppy, but if you slow down and make them simpler then you may be suprized by what comes out.

Because those are older videos and that was how it was back in the day :smiley:

have anyone feel that Yo-Yo is like another instrument. It doesn’t have be Hard, technical, or fast. Simple, smooth, and relaxing, would work well in term of winning other people’s heart, as well as your own?

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Did you seriously just link a JD video in a thread titled “Simplicity?”?

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