Silly/Random Brag - Had To Share

Have to share/point out something funny, but not sure how to start this thread other than that. Just watched Gentry’s video about the next yo-yo boom and saw a dated video of myself doing yo-yo tricks as a kid!

I competed when I was younger - 95 & 96 second place in National Yo-Yo Contest, 97 first place in state & national contest (back when it was in my hometown of Chico).

I’m the chunky tall kid with the (now-it-seems) incredibly short shorts packed with at least 4 yo-yos in each pocket - this was back when I was an elementary kid who got into this great hobby thanks to an incredible mentor in the most unlikely of places → my elementary school principal Ken “The Loop Dude” Miller. My brief cameo is around the 11 second mark (right after the Simpson stuff), but it brought back some of the most pleasant memories just recently, so I thought I would share this nostalgic moment with anyone else who was into yo-yos in the mid 1990’s.

Enjoy. :smiley: