Siliconed and overfilled

Quick question,

  1. Clean up, and just let it wear down naturally? Will be cured this afternoon

  2. Sand, file or cut with a razor?

My instinct is to leave it alone, and deal with the hyper responsiveness till it wears down.



I use a tooth pick and it all comes off clean with out scratching the throw. I also like making my brakes a little over filled so for the first week the throw is responsive. I would not recommend razors or sandpaper.

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I also can use the tooth pick to level the silicone so it is unresponsive from the cure, but I like to see how some unresponsives play when responsive.

Redo it. And give it 24 hrs to cure


They play fine, and I used toothpicks to scrape away the leftovers. It’s hard to get control from a new syringe of Monkey Snot because the plunger doesn’t stay in place. To get it seated correctly requires wasting a lot. My experience anyway.

If any residue gets into the bearing, it’s easily solved. I’ll take more time next time I silicone…