What is flush silicone?Is it liquid silicone?and do you think that having my hitman to have one side using silicone and the other using o-ring?

Flush means that the response whether it is pads, o-rings, silicone, is not protruding or sticking out of the response area (FLAT).




See the difference between the two, the siliconed one (1st pic) is flat or flushed, while the o-ring response (2nd pic) is sticking out or protruding, however both are unresponsive.

Flowable Silicone


It’s an alternative to pads and o-rings, just remove the o-ring and fill it with this.

Silicone has been an increasingly popular response system. This silicone, originally used as a sealant for windshields or glass, was discovered by some to be an extremely effective (and smooth) response system!

You’ll need a yoyo with a grooved area to fill with this glue for this to work (YoYoJams and just about anything recessed would work).

Simply fill the groove in the yoyo with the Flowable Silicone and smooth it out. Wipe off any excess, and let dry.

In about 12-24 hours, you’ll have a yoyo that binds tightly and doesn’t snag, with a brand new CLEAR silicone response system!

I have siliconed my X-convict. It plays like a dream, better than o-ring response imo…o-rings tend to be more responsive than flushed slicone responses

Hope this answers your questions…



Now thats helping someone!

thx.but can i have one side silicon and the other in o-ring?

Yes, if you have the hybrid version, you can silicone one side, if you have the version with the double o-rings that’s fine too. Silicone beats o-rings any day imo, much smoother…

~gorrilla_yo ;D