My Horizon’s response pads ripped today and since it was my primary throw i put the pads from my T5 into it. Out of curiosity, i tried playing my T5 without and silicone pads in it and i can bind it just fine. I know this is probably because the gap is smaller than the Horizon but is it fine to keep playing the T5 like this??? I don’t feel any change from when it didn’t have pads.

The T5 has NO pads and it’s binding fine?

Probably adhesive in the response gaps…??? That won’t last forever and I’m amazed it’s even working. :wink:

Also: the transferred pads won’t last long in the Horizon. They’re not meant to be unstuck and re-stuck. You should order pads now while you still can.

Yeah, i’m planning on getting dome flowable silicone today. Thanks for the advice

Can’t go wrong with the Flowable, it works like a charm in all my Yo-Yo’s so far.