i recently bought a magic n9 and i thought hey why not silicone it so i went to walmart and got some parmatex rtv red silicone, so can i use this silicone also is there any tricks to due this?


That should get you started.

I prefer flowable. Some people prefer flowable, some red, some blue, some black. The video is for anything that is NOT flowable.

What you chose will work just fine.


RTV is extremely hard to use, take caution.


Working with sili is difficult at first but it get easier after some time. I would suggest using a syringe.


thanks guys for a first time of siliconeing i actually didnt had any problems also good luck getting the mystery boxes or bags!


I know I use blue it is extremely hard to lose


I recommend TRAXXIS 10Wt shock oil.


I strongly recommend against using any kind of oil as your response system. :smiley: