Red RTV Silicone

Will Red RTV silicone work as a good response?

yes alot of people prefer red sili for their response

i prefer it over flowable. its a pain to put in or take out but lats a really long time. it does shrink somewhat and some bits usually fall out (this happened to my main player (my bully) after about 2 months of use). you may wanna stick with flowable if you like it, ive found that i need to experiment with how deep i recess it on every new yoyo to get the most out of it.

i also use flowable sometimes just because its so easy to apply (and now since ive got lots of practice with red rtv its almost as easy as flowable, though flowable will always be the easiest)

I have used blue RTV and flowable. Some yoyos need flowable to work well, but most don’t and the RTV works fantabulously.

I think ILYY uses it on their new yo’s.

personally the red is the only one to use. the blue wears out to fast dut id love to find some black that would hold up to the same friction the red takes.

I also like the copper. Its dreamy!

actually, throwbot and i found some black high temp rtv at O’Rileys auto parts store. if anyone wants to try it out im sure advanced auto or whatever you have around would prolly carry it.

any “RTV” will work perfect. It all plays the same. Accept for the copper. Its kinda different. Can’t explain it.

Any RTV silicone/Gasket sealer will work fine…I find that RTV is better than flowable because it’s durable and lasts longer than flowable silicone…

I use the red RTV…looks cool

Take your pick, it doesn’t matter ;D

I put some red RTV in my Legacy and I love it.

Main thing to remember is that if you’re not getting flowable then it really NEEDS to be RTV.

RTV= Room Temperature Vulcanizing. (hardening)

to be honest I like the rtv over my double O-rings inside my X-Convict but it is a problem replacing it. I find myself having to use all sorts of brushes and tools to remove it. I am sure that metals are easier but just know that removal of red RTV is not clean and often times required you to scape it out meticulously.

On that note does anyone have a way to remove it easier?

i have black, blue and red and i love it. its a little harder to put in the yoyo because it is not flowable but it lasts super long.

I’ve found that there are two things needed to make it easier to get it out.

  1. Get a toothpick and cut it in half. Use the thicker end to get as much out as you can.
  2. Get an old credit or gift cart and cut it so that you have a small piece that fits nicely into the recess to remove the rest of it.

However, you don’t need to get every little bit of it out. Also, you can put a little bit of mineral spirits on it to soften it up, but if you use a plastic yoyo, make sure not to get too much or leave it on too long.