I’m wondering if this kind of silicone is good for siliconing a DV888? My K- Pad fell out and I want to put a new response system in? It’s called Yellow Super Weatherstrip Adhesive by Permatex. Sorry if the answer is obvious but I just haven’t ever siliconed a yoyo.

I’ve only used red/blue RTV and clear flow-able silicone. That doesn’t mean you can’t use this stuff its just am not sure it’ll work…

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Thanks for the help. I’ll just buy something that is definitely silicone.

YYE sells some stuff, and it’s also something you can get rather commonly. Memorize the picture and go to a hardware store.

I’ll go to Canadian Tire and buy RTX or something like that. Or could i just try to use the stuff I have and then if it doesn’t work as well. just take the stuff out?

I doubt he knows what Canadian tire is. Lol. You can get rtv sillicon at the dollar store, but flowable is easier to apply.

If you use real silicone yes. RTV doesn’t settle itself, so you need to custom modify it to flush. Flowable is said to be weaker, but it just does itself out.

I think you can find one tube of silicone for 99 cents in a dollar store.

What I use to lay my RTV is the corner of a Hotel key/Gift card/ Credit card and scrape the thing flush. Hope you find the right stuff. C=

I usually use a spoon to make a sort of concavity in the rtv silicone.
and yes, you can get some silicone at a 99 cent store. it should look like this:
I’ve seen it in red, blue, black, and clear. not sure if it comes in other colours.

What you want to do first is take apart the yoyo, and remove the bearing. After, (if you use this over flowable) clean your recess.
Get out any visible leftovers from your last response pads, then clean it out with rubbing alcohol (I find toothpicks and qtips work best for this). Once clean, apply the silicone slowly, making sure you completely fill the recess. Expect a decent amount of excess sticking out. From there, take a spoon (or card of sorts) to make the silicone flush with the rest of the yoyo. Let it set for roughly 4 hours.
After 4 hours, there’s probably going to be some crap on the yoyo itself. you can just rub this stuff off with your finger.
Then, wait 24 hours, and your silicone should be completely set. Check your bearing seat to make sure there’s no silicone there. if there is, just pick it out with like a tooth pick. then reassemble your yoyo, and you’re good to go.

If you prefer videos to text:

Edit: Forgot to mention, this step is optional. Sometimes before getting rid of the initial excess stuff, I swirl a toothpick around the silicone to remove any air bubbles. air bubbles = bad.

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Sorry I just was in a rush and din’t know what it was called so I just said what I thought it was.