Silicone Question

I’m really new at this so this may be a dumb question but I was wondering if there such a thing as black silicone. The reason I ask is that I got a New Breed it came with black rings instead of the clear silicone shown in the pictures.


Yes, there is black silicone.

… Does “Ultra Black” have any advantages over this type for yoyos?

No advantage whatsoever.

Thanks for the replies! I guess what I should have asked though is should my New Breed have come with clear silicone in it? When I got it, there was only one side cap on it. They promptly sent me a cap but after noticing the clear silicone in the pictures I’m now wondering if I may have gotten a used yo-yo. Hope not.


No, they switched to black silicone. I’m pretty sure, I’ve heard that a couple of times.

Ok here’s a scenario I want you to go over. When someone asks you what kind of response you have in your yoyo. How would you rather be able to respond? “Oh, Just black silicone” or “ULTRA BLACK SILICONE!!!”… Your choice bud ;D

YoYoJam is currently using Black Silicone O-Rings in their yo-yos.

They originally made red ones, switched to white, then to clear, back to white, and now they are black.

The black one is now what comes stock in all of their yo-yos - with them changing it so often its hard to keep the photography current to show the correct color o-ring - but black is what it currently is.