Silicone pads for A-RT throws

Hi all,

Does anyone knows which silicone pads will fit the a-rt yoyos?
OneDrop? CLYW? other?


They come with flowable silicone, but I believe they’re the size of CLYW Snow Tires.

Im not sure if snow tire do fit A-RTs throws. They might but that somehow seems unlikely. Maybe cause Chuck used to throw for CLYW, it would surprise me if they used any of CL’s design in their own throws. Something tells me that would somehow sully the purity of A-RT.

Id much rather prefer flowable silicone regardless. Its so cheap, it grips so good, and just lasts. If you really want to feel fancy, Monkey Snot is simply excellent, if for some reason you cant get the windshield silicone that they like to use (permetex i think is what they call it) but Ive heard some have difficulties in finding that overseas. Monkey snot is my JAM. (that reminds me, I need a new tube)

this man speaks the truth. i just got another tube yesterday. monkey snot works great

Didn’t Chris design the JR for Charles initially?

I thought they were snow tire compatible, but I don’t have one in front of me to check.

Yes, the JR’s files were gifted to Charles as he departed the team. Its not out of the realm of possibility. The wideness looks similar but the depth is unknown.

Calipers don’t lie. They do have the same width but again the depth is not known.

Examples used was A-RT Grail and CLYW Puffin 2

Jensen just confirmed that a/rt’s can use CLYW Snowtires, same size channel.


Aaaand thats what I get for assuming. Thanks Aaron!

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