Nessie Silicone

The silicone just came out of my Nessie. Should I replace it with normal silicone or Monkey snot? Also, are there any pads that will fit in the Nessie?
Sorry if I put this in the wrong section of the forums.
Thanks. :wink:

Any scilicone will work, plus you can’t get monkey snot from yoyoexpert anymore, monkeyfinger is making a new batch that will last longer

If you want pads, snow tires work wonderfully, i have some in my nessie right now and they work great. I want to get some snow tire sized ir pads as well to compare but i odnt have th emoney

They used flowable in the first place. Just re-silicone it and wait 24 hours and you’re good to go.

i always use sili in all my g qusared throws … but its just comes down to preference :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone! I’ll be getting some snow tires. This thread now has my permission to die.

I would have to go with silicone. I know you may have already gotten some snow tires, but oh well. I started out liking the snow tires in my Chief, but they slowly got worse and worse. Not that nice.