silicone on my pgm or not?????

i am wondering if i should silicone my pgm because i realy dont like the rubber response…thanks for anyone who gives me info…


I siliconed mine and it plays great. I also concave the silicone with a guitar pick. I think it just plays even more amazing and it gives some excellent binds.

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yes. i DEFINITELY would do it.

What do you mean by “concave” the silicone?

Well instead of having the silicone flat and flush with the yoyo, the silicone is deeper and has a curve from the guitar pick.

I see. What effect does that have on the yo-yo itself?
Does it make it more unresponsive?
I just siliconed my yo-yo and I think I didn’t concave it enough because it became a bit responsive (it’s a ProtoStar). Either that or my bearing needs cleaning because it doesn’t spin as well as it used to if you flick it.

I don’t like the YYF response very much, I feel that in every yoyo it gives sloppy and slippy binds. The silicone gives it a bit more response and concaving the silicone makes the silicone less responsive if needed, but I prefer to do it with every yoyo.

The protostar a little weird with silicone, mine was really response at first, but once you break in the silicone it’s perfect. I also concaved the silicone the most I could and it binds perfectly.

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Do it but if you have the second run of the pgm be careful of the holes where the silicone groove is