Silicone lube on Genesis?

So there is this friend of mine I hang out with, and he noticed that the axle was squeaking. I said that’s good and all and then he said, well I don’t think it’s good for it. Then he offered to silicone lube it, which I never heard of before, and I told him not too and all, but he did it anyway. So I met him the next day and asked him if he put the lube on it, and he said yes, and I got so mad at him for doing that. I tested the squeaking first and it didn’t squeak anymore. Then I tested the playability of it and I think it’s more silent and the combos are shorter. But do anyone of you guys know what this stuff is and if it hurts the yoyo bearing, or is it just in my imagination. And also if it hurts the bearing, will it be better if I buy a new bearing, or does somehow the axle interact with the bearing? Thanks so much for any help!

Please answer somebody! Sorry for the double posting. :’( Please don’t get mad at me.


I’M FIRIN MA LAZAR Blaaggahhg. haha doube postings no big deal (well for me its not) and i dont know what he used but the axle doesn’t affect anything unless its bent or stripped. if doesent screw apart while playing with it ur fine

I’ve told you twice now X52, Please don’t bump a thread but once a day. Starting the thread is the first one. No need for one till the next day.

To answer your question it won’t “hurt” anything. If it got in the bearing which it sounds like it did then all you need to do is clean it and lightly lube is and it will be fine.

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Just asking
On which part of the yoyo does your friend applied the silicone lube on?
And is it squeaking when you take it apart of when the yoyo sleep?
Silicone lube will leave a protective coating.
If he put it in the bearing, than it may be little more responsive, just clean the bearing if this happen.
If he put it in the axle, i think there is a risk of the yoyo unscewing itself, and the lube can get in to the bearing.

So I guess I will clean my bearing. Do I have to lube it after?

I just realized that my horrible friend placed it on the bearing seat. He told me he made sure it didn’t get on the bearing, and so he put the silicone lube on the bearing seat. How do I get it of without hurting the yoyo?

A paper towel or a q-tip would work. If there is any in the bearing you can just clean that.

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