Yoyo Bearing

I made my yoyo more responsive by putting some thick lube on it, when i didn’t want it to be responsive anymore and i wanted to start doing string tricks i used my thin lube. While i was putting thin lube on my bearing i gently cleaned a little of the hole of where the axel goes. When i finished everything i put my yoyo together and did a sleeper. i noticed crackling sounds in my yoyo and it feels, sounds different. it seems worse.

did i do something wrong? ???

i doubt there is something wrong with it maybe you just took out all the lube but if you want to make it better clean the bearing and add a drop of thin lube

Break in the bearing? (Means play it always after you lube it, then it would be dead non-responsive yo-yo

Try: http://www.spinworkx.com/blog/maintenance/washing-your-rig/#more-741 ← If you this process, Do use Glass not Plastic



Hope it helps


Why is this in the tricks section?

You said you cleaned a hole where the bearing goes? What?

I think he means the bearing seat.

I think he meant the hole where the axle is inserted into.

But the bearing doesn’t go into that hole. The axle does.