Silicone in bearing

Man, when i was siliconing my dv888, i got silicone in my bearing and bearing seat and everywhere else on my yoyo. My dad soaked it in hot water and then put some sort of anti rust or something.
Any suggestions?

Alright, first off calm down.

You calm? Good.

Second, how did you get silicone in the bearing? When you’re siliconing a yo-yo you should remove the bearing before reaching for your silicone.

Third, what exactly did your dad use on the bearing? Did he use WD-40? WD-40 can make your bearing unusable.

The only thing I can suggest you do is clean your bearing with something like mineral spirits or paint thinner. If silicone got in your bearing when it had its shields on then it should be rather easy to clean off the silicone. If not, then try removing any large pieces of silicone in the bearing before cleaning it.

WD40 making bearings unusable? Way to spread misinformation. However, I will echo the suggestion to use a good solvent and clean the bearing.

Sorry to get a bit off-topic here, but out of curiosity how exactly does WD-40 affect a bearing then?

it just doesnt work… its meant for hinges and door handles

I use WD40 for quite a few things, but I would NEVER use it for something precision, and that’s not just because yoyo bearings are so small. I find it gets a little bit gloppy in small areas.

I find WD40 works better as a cleaner for many things. I also use it for lubing larger things like hinges. I wouldn’t even use WD40 as the lubricant for my inline skates. But I also use very specific chemical cleaning agents for some of my equipment(of the electronic variety). Still, I carry WD40 in the kit. Sometimes its the perfect fit especially when I need to leave a protective layer to prevent rust.

The right lube for the job doesn’t cost much. Use the right stuff. YoYoJam thin or thick lube costs around $5 for a 15ml bottle and that little bottle should last you a long time.

Well, let’s address the first problem first… :wink:

You can use a tooth pick to pick the silicone out of the bearing seat. Should come out fairly easily. If not put a drop of vinegar in there. Vinegar is acetic acid, which will loosen/dissolve silicone. For the bearing, pop the shileds off and soak it in vinegar for a bit, then rinse/pick out the silicone bits. Then clean and lube the beaing in the normal manner.

The second issue - WD40…

WD40 will NOT harm your bearing. It is a solvent with a small amount of lubricant in it. It is used to lubricate various items and prevent tools from rusting. When the solvent evaporates, the lubricant is left on the surface.

my dad used wd40, and i cant remove the bearing.
I have a spec bearing in this yoyo, and i think the main problem is that it got in the bearing seat and is affecting how it spins. i use to be able to flick it and it would spin for a good 5-8 secs.
now if you flick it, it spins like half a rotation. just saying
I also think the wd40 is working like lube on the bearing
do any of you know how to remove the bearing from a dv888??

To remove the bearing you could use a pliers. Gently grab the bearing and rock it while pulling.


Check here for another method…
List of useful modification and maintenance guides,17792.0.html

Yes, what jhb said. Remove the bearing with pliers. I recommend getting something and use nail polish remover (your mom might have some) and swab the side of the bearing and whatever is full of silicone. This will easily remove the silicone without damaging your yo-yo.

Source: done it myself.

Try breaking it in after cleaning or lubing.

Tak off the sides and clean the bearing big deal.