Silicone: Flowable or RTV or gasket master

Ok, I’m running out of Permatex Flowable Silicone, the last time I got RTV adhesive. It was a mess, dried up and the tube popped in several places and I could not get it out. So is there anything that last longer than flowable but the things mentioned above are not likely to happeen? Like Gasket Masker? I like Permatex products.

First thing you need to understand is that all silicone you buy in a tube is RTV, which means Room Temperature Vulcanizing. This means that it cures at room temperature, not all silicone’s do.

That being said, Flowable is a bit easier to apply, but gasket maker lasts a little longer. I prefer gasket maker, but it’s really your choice. It is a little harder to use, and does take a little break in time, but I feel it’s worth it.

Have you tried adhesive silicone? Have you had the following problems with Gasket Masker? Small holes in tube, hard to squeeze out?

Just a little off-topic, what do you use to clean the tube after your done?

I found Gasket Maker lasts easily 3 times longer.

Unscrew the nozzle then stick a screw in it and let it dry.

And then you can pull it out with pilers.

I like to use Red RTV and find it to work well. I find that it can be hard to squeeze it out if I’ve used it a few times. But I use a syringe to apply it to the recess so I don’t mind it.

I have had the same tube for a year. Find a nail ever so slightly larger than the hole in the tip and insert into assembled tube and tip. When you need it again remove nail and clean for reinsertion. Repeat.

A nail, I used a toothpick.

How can I use a syringe to apply it? Can you guys please answer these two about gasket Masker? Is it hard to apply, and will the tube pierce in places?

Well if you get a syringe (No needle) you can fill it with the RTV. I find that it’s much nicer then using the actual RTV tube to apply because like you were mentioning it can be hard to squeeze out (If there’s dried RTV in it.) and if you mess with the tubes too much they can crack. I also found with using the syringe I wasted less RTV. But that’s not to say you need one, plenty of people do it the other way and do a way better job then I can do. xD

But yeah if you can’t get a hold of a syringe and want one you may get one on Amazon or you could get Monkey snot and kill two birds with one stone.

I have syringes, but they don’t have long spout. How do you get the silicone in the syringe?

You got to pull the plunger out of the tube.

Then you can fill the cylinder and put the plunger back in.

Ok :). How much do you fill it up? And what do you do if you have leftover silicone in the syringe?

Well I’m sort of new to it as well so trying to get a better idea of how much will go so far but I find a little goes a long way in most cases.

And if I had any left over I’d squeeze it out on a paper towel or plate.

To clean it after the silly was dry I just pushed and pulled the plunger until the little bit (very thin layer on the cylinder) that dried in there came out. And to clean the nozzle I just poked a needle in to clean it out.

Ok :). Thanks for all your help :).

No problem :slight_smile: