Silicone closest to stock

This is why I put it here instead of the modification section. I wasn’t sure.

I have a battosai from a trade and it made the yoyo very slow and vibey/grippy/weird. I did a search for this and so many things came up…blue…black…red…different clears. Can someone please tell me what would be the best to get the original flowable silicone that this company uses? Same as the ti walker? Also wondering the best video/way to go about doing the sili job for this because I found a bunch of links not sure which is right. Simply put whats the best way to sili this yoyo to get it as close to stock as possible. Thanks very much.

You know, there’s a search button.

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You know if you read my post, I said I used it. That link doesn’t answer my question. I wanted to know if anyone knew stock sili the battosai uses? From that link:

I prefer the same as the ti walker so if someone knew it would be easier than just “trying them all out”. just a question, I am very new to this. thanks.
edit: brand- is it permatex?