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ok so I’ve had my vsnewton battosai for a while now and its probably my favorite throw. The thing is, the battosai uses flowable silicone and I guess I’m horrible at using it. Every time I put in new silicone It takes a week to break in and just when its perfect it rips out in chunks. This effectively gives me only a few hours of having an awesome playing throw before the response completely rips out. So to get to the point, is there a type of pad or something I can use instead of flowable? Maybe one drop pads or something that will fit in the groove? An answer would be great… :wink:

not sure the size of the battosai’s silicone groove, but I’m guessing you have air bubbles in your silicone.,22148.0.html

step 1: remove bearing, old recess, and optionally your axle
step 2: completely clean your silicone recess. I like to get out any visible chunks with a toothpick, then go around it a couple of times with a q tip and some rubbing alcohol.
step 3: slowly and steadily apply the silicone. you want to make sure that it completely fills your recess. there will be excess, don’t worry about it.
step 4: (optional) swirl a toothpick around the silicone a few times to get rid of air bubbles. dunno if this helps or not, but I usually do it.
step 5: using a spoon (or card. spoon leaves a concavity though, which I find better) clear out excess from the silicone recess. try to make it as smooth as you can.
Step 6: wait 4 hours
step 7: Clear off any remaining residue from the yoyo itself. usually when I silicone something, there’ll be some crap left over. just rub it off with your finger.
Step 8: Wait 24 hours
Step 9: Check to make sure there’s nothing in your bearing seat. if not, then reassemble and play.

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Ok ill try this method and report back :slight_smile:

I do the spoon thing, then the tooth pick swirl, then the spoon thing again. It works really well and it doesn’t need a brake in period. If you don’t know which pad will fit you can contact Yoyoexpert as he will know.