silicone again..

does anyone have any method of not getting air bubbles when you set it? for example do you get a toothpick and run it through groove or something or other?

It really depends on what kind of silicone your using.

If your using the clear flowable sili, air bubbles don’t really occur. It’s a very viscous liquid and when you pour it in it molds itself to the recess and pushes all air bubbles out so you don’t really have to worry about it.

If your using the blue or red rtv silicone its a little different, because it doesn’t mold to the recess like the flowable clear stuff… What I found works best is applying a nice even flow all around the recess, and do it so that it protruded over the edges a little so that your putting just a little too much in (trust me it helps) , one you’ve put it in, use a stiff business card (like a safeway card or something similar) and sweep around the recess, removing Amy excess and making it flush with edges. I found that if you put a little extra in and then remove the excess this way it totally prevents air bubbles. I had the same problem before I figured this out. And yes you do waste a tiny bit but its worth it. Then after you’ve put it all in and wiped the excess, take a q-tip or a piece of wadded toilet paper and wipe everything else you may have gotten on the walls or elsewhere and… Presto! Let it dry and you’ll be throwing in no time!
Really hope this helps!

Yeah I find using a card helps a lot. I use hotel keys or gift cards. I just use the rounded corner and lay it in the recess and scrape off any excess.

But yeah I found the best way to keep from getting air bubbles is practice and patience that and a steady hand.