Silicon response system


So, i bought something called “Clear Silicone Adhesive Sealant” and i tested it in my DM and now my DM is super responsive. Is this ------------^---------------- the same as the Flowable Silicon on ???


break it in, it should be unresponsive after a while.


How ???


Make sure none is in the bearing seat as well. Is the silicone flush, or recessed?


its flush


If it doesn’t say flowable then its not. Also silicone will usually be resopnsive or grippy at first. To break it in all you need to do is throw-bind-throw-bind-throw-bind and so on. This will break it in faster than just playing with it normally.


It doesn’t have to be flowable. If it’s responsive then it’ll work. Just play with it. It could help because playing responsive is much harder so it can make you work on things.


Only reason I said that is because he asked if what he got was flowable.

(JosephP) #9

i just bought the same silicone


There is nothing wrong with that silicone. Actually it should last longer than flowable. Only thing is its harder to put in the yo.

(Mitch) #11

Make sure its not in the bearing seat, on the axle, in the bearing, and its flush…Maybe even a tiny bit lower than the recess…

And then like every one else said… just play it for a few days