I know its a magic.If anyone has messed w/ one,how do you like it?

Very mediocre throw. It is not a tri-metal, its just a mono-metal 6061 throw. It hits clunky on the string and too narrow for comfort. I would not even bother. I would pick a Magic Yoyo T5 over it.

It’s actually not that bad. It is a tad narrow. If you can get past that, it’s really a fine starter throw: very stable, long spinning, and cost effective.

Ive used a silencer for a while now, and although it looks ridiculous, it performs quite well. Its got a good bit of heft and feels nice to use. It is pretty narrow, but I kinda like that.

I like it.Not #1,but it feels good.
Kind of heavy,but its cool for a $12 throw.
I’m a total beginner so,I dont know.
Can bind and create tricks.
Sure they’ve been done,but I dont know the names. ???

I just got one today and really enjoy it so far!