Budget Metal Throws

  • Top Yo Silenus
  • Yoyofriends Shortcut

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Just wanted everyone’s opinions on these 2 affordable throws.

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Shortcut just came out so not as many people have one or got to try one yet. Silenus is an amazing yoyo.


i haven’t tried either of these but I have never seen a bad word written about the Silenus. It is universally loved by all those who try it. There’s even a “Pay It Forward” thread in the BST that tracks a community Silenus bouncing around the country so people can try it for free for a month. ( Pay it forward silenus - Buy / Sell / Trade - YoYoExpert Forums )

As stated above, the Shortcut is pretty new and not a lot of people have experience with it. Looking at the specs, the only difference I see is the Silenus is about 0.1 inch wider and weighs about a gram more. They look very, very similar to me.

You likely can’t go wrong with either but based on the community love of the Silenus, i recommend that one.

good luck.

Enjoy the throw


I don’t have a Silenus but the shortcut is an absolute beast it’s so smooth and just generally fun actually brought it to work today, let some more advanced players than me use it at club and they all agreed it played way above its price point but I’ve also heard same about Silenus


I have both and both are good. The Silenus was my first metal, but I play my Shortcut more often and I’d give the nod to it!


Ended up buying a Shortcut, that Sky Sakura colorway looked real good. Also like its a tiny bit lighter too.