Signs of a Dead bearing?

I was just wondering if someone could tell me about the signs of a dead bearing. I ask because my bearing isnt as quiet as it use to be, it’s sleep times have drasticly shortened, and the slightest jerk will bring the yoyo back up ???

DId you use thick lubr because if you did then your yoyo turns rusty just wat happen to my dark magic IF not how long have you had ur yoyo

Did you use lube of any kind on your bearing?

No, I play with a dry bearing :-\

p.s. that was quick :wink:

Have you tried cleaning it again? Maybe some dust got stuck in it.

Dry bearings spin longer, but are noisier, and die faster.

Clean it. Try thin lube.

I’ve tried cleaning it a couple times, doesnt work.

And I dont own any lube at the moment.

Cleaning with…

I dont use anything to clean it. I hust tap out the bits of dust.

I think I need to order some lube, right?


I knew it :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks anyway guys :wink:

If you don’t know, put just a little bit of lube instead of just drowning it. :wink:

You just contradicted yourself…

Dry bearings do not die faster.

They actually do. Unless you lube it…