+ Sign on General Yo

I dont know if this is the right section for this, but can someone please inform me of what the plus sign on the General Yo stands for. I just got my first one in a trade and am not familiar with it. I had someone tell me it stands for B-grade, I just thought it was weird they would use a plus sign. To me a plus is a good thing haha.

PM Please

Pics, just so I can see? hehe

A quick search reveals this:


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Awhile back they had something called “Plus Grade” which is essentially just a b-grade. Wht you have is a B-Grade… I think they did it on the Entheos and Torrent II’s if I’m right. Now they are called “Competition Grades.”

Something I don’t get is why General Yo’s B-grades are all positive things. Like “Competition Grade” or “Plus Grade” … those all seem like they would be good things. haha

Well for people like me who hate ghostly yoyos, it /is/ a good thing.

I spoke to general yo, the reason it is a plus grade or comp grade is because it still plays like an a grade it just may have something else wrong with it cosmetically. Mine has an ano burn and some manufacturer marks.

Its on my BST for sale or trade