Are General Yo Competition Grade yoyos just as good?

So, I just ordered a General yo Competition Grade KLR, and I was wondering if it will be just as good as an A grade. I know it probably won’t be as smooth, but will it still be smooth?


Very few people (other than Ernie) can tell the difference… They are that good…

A B-grade General Yo is a A-Grade from any other company… seriously. You’ll love it, I have one as well and I use it all the time!

My B-grade torrrent is so smooth (plays so good too!), it probably is a B-grade only because there are some stains that I can’t remove.

Can’t wait till’ I get mine. It’s the blue/grey color.

I was under the impression that Competition Grade would be better than A-Grade.

Hmm, shows what I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too. I figured it meant dry bearing, siliconed. Best of the best.

I’ve owned various grades of General Yo, and I’ve honestly never been able to tell the difference between the play of any of them. They have one of the highest standards of quality in this industry, and if you can grab one of the lower priced non-A grade throws at the great prices they sell them for, you’ll be thrilled.

It is kind of confusing. You think it would be that way.