General Yo Question

how often do they restock on yye and how to know when they are in stock? also, is the KLR good like the majesty?

There is a General Yo thread on this website that has the updates.,51489.0.html

We always ship to YYE when we make our throws.
There is not a set time for re-stocking, or releases.
Most releases are small and limited, so jump in the thread, and meet the guys.
Everyone I know in my manufacturing thread is very helpful, and friendly.
If anything is going on, you will hear it.
You can also like our facebook page and get updates.

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You usually have about 10 minutes before they sell out when they drop

can you tell a difference between competition grade and A grade?

I can,
Most people I talk with say there is hardly a difference.
You realy dont need a perfectly dead smooth yoyo to have fun with it, However Gen-Yo will have that option.

I can’t. To me they are all the same when it comes to “smoothness”, its just a great deal! Get a huge discount for hardly any difference! Don’t be afraid, even Competition grades are arguably the best yoyos available!

Let’s just say this:

A B-Grade General Yo is an A-Grade yoyo from any other company.

Not true. Have you ever tried a Oxy?