Restock time...

So, I’m looking at buying a new yoyo, and naturally, some of the throws I’m looking at are sold out (eg. the C13 and M1). I already missed getting my hands on the M1 on their last restock since i was away at the time, and didn’t feel like getting a C13 until now. In both cases i was too late. Anyone know what the average restock time is?

M1: Sold at Onedrop, ask over there.
C13: A while, not even sure if there is another run.

It depends on the company really. You can look at twitter and see when the last time YYE restocked on something.

Also, is YYE ever getting shirts? I want one but not in stock and have been for a few months…

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Contact Yoyoexpert he will most probably be able to give you the time for C13 if they are being produced again.

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I believe the C13 is never going to be produced again.

Just ask the guys at One Drop and they will tell you when the M1 restocks. One Drop has a bunch of retailers though, check them out.

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alright, thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:


Meaning that it’ll be coming out again, maybe different versions, but it will be “restocked”?

It appears so.

This site has M1s in stock.

Thanks mongoriller! Do you know if they do half and half colours?

Maybe they mean that YYE is the first to have them.

No. The only store giving you a half/half color choice is One Drop themselves. When you buy from One Drop, David gets the order and then the yoyo is assembled, tested, boxed and shipped. When you buy a One Drop product from the retailers, the yoyo is already in the box, and the retailer won’t open two boxes just to mix the halves.

SR is correct. The first store to release the C13’s was YYE. They are not going to restock.

Alright thanks. :smiley: I’ll just wait for David to restock on One Drop then.

Oh well, maybe one will pop up in the future that i could buy. Thanks Samad. :slight_smile:

I think that other site, the nation, has some black and some pink C13s left.