M1 Restock


Does anybody know when M1 Pad Responses are going to restock green at either yoyoguy or onedrop??


One-Drop: Whenever they make another run. I’m not sure if they are going to do it so soon as they are working on the Project V2 as of now.

YoYoGuy: Whenever they release another run to ship to them. Your best bet would be to try to chat with them at the cam here:



okay becuase i might buy a g5 from somebody for 60$ at yyn if they dont restock soon or just get one from theyostore but last time i ordered it took for ever to ship and I’m hoping yyg becuase of the 15$ free stuff for every 60$ and since m1 is 59$ there i would just get shims then my free stuff :slight_smile: thx samad i’ll try that