where can i buy an m1?i check in yyn and yyg but there out of stock and i dont want to buy from the official website

I have tried to find a way to get he M1 myself. And since i live in Norway, YYG is the cheaper solution. Therefore, I sent a mail to YYG regarding their stock of M1s. They said that they have ordered them and are just waiting for the package to arrive. You can also get it at some minor yoyostores, but at the same time some or most of these stores have a higher price tag. So my advice for you is: Just wait. A couple of days isn’t that much of a waiting period.


You can get it from there, and can even choose your two colors.


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I bolded the important part for you Samad. Don’t want to be the picky guy, I just wanted to be a bit picky. Not the picky guy, just a tad picky. Anyways, I do understand that you don’t want to buy from onedrop. They are discriminating europeans with their shipping prices (note that YYG shipping is only 8 dollars cheaper, but i don’t want to be the cheap guy either). In addition YYg has that cool free stuff thing. Buy for 60 dollars and get 15 dollars worth of merchandise (this will end up beig string).
And for me, 8 dollars is worth 1-2 weeks of waiting.

Oh, okay, sorry. Try this place:


This shop is locted in Europe, and will ship there for a smaller price probably.

They will probably ship for a smaller price. But then again the price is 10 dollars bigger. And since Norway isn’t in the EU we have to pay customs for everything that exceeds 29 dollars (note that this will only happen if the customs stop the package). I have already done some research on where to get the M1. And for me YYG is the cheapest and ships extra stuff, which really isn’t that important, but i like to recieve things.

I was suggesting it to the post creator, not to you. :frowning:

hey do you guys know what yyg uses to ship to indonesia and how much would it cost normally?

They most likely will. However, they will not ship your order when they get it. Instead, they will e-mail you with the shipping prices. Here is the info from their site:

For our International customers, please shop using our shopping cart. When we receive your order we will e-mail you with the exact shipping price. We will not ship your order to you, or charge your credit card until you agree with the shipping fees. In some countries we may ask for a FAX confirmation of your credit card on your first order.

if order just 1 yoyo and some string, they will be able to send it in what we call flat rate, which is always 13 dollars.

Which is a bit odd since rh888king is not from europe. And this all comes down to you rh888king. If you want it cheaper, but can take to wait a few days, then order from YYG. But if you want it faster, buy it from a smaller importer.

What is YYG?

It is another yoyoing website. I believe that it is the website for Infinite Illusions, but I’m not sure.

This might not be necessary to say, but YYg just restocked their M1s. So now you can get them there.