Sigh, yet another stuck bearing topic #firstworldproblems

I recently recieved a Splash Overdrive from YYE. First, the bearing it came with was great, nice and silent. Then, it got noisy, but I can live with some noise as long as it isn’t reponsive…
It was reponsive.
So changed the bearing to an OD 10 ball. Bad Idea. As usual from past experience, then bearing would play great for, I dunno, a few weeks. Then it would enter its lock up stage and refuse to cooperate. Fine, I said, time to clean then lube. However, I realized that the Overdrive had a deathgrip on the bearing. I’ve owned quite a number of YYF’s back in my fanboy days, but none had it as bad as this. I tried many methods, pliers, freezer, string, YYF tool, etc. No luck. HELP I LOVE MY OVERDRIVE AND IT PAINS ME TO SEE IT SUFFER AND BE ENCUMBERED BY THIS BEARING. (I think I’ll stop buying OD 10 balls, it’s always the same lol)

Usually it’s the CenterTrac with this problem.

If you live near me, I’d take it out for you. Leave it overnight, get it in the morning.

What have you tried? Bearing Puller? Longer bearing puller? Pliers? Freezer(30 minutes, no more no less, followed by bearing puller or pliers). Once removed, gently sand down the bearing seat to remove the anodizing. It should be fine after that.

I find it odd how you had no issue with the stock bearing but the OD 10 Ball is giving you grief.

That’d be great! I tried all of the above except for the sanding because I haven’t been able to get it out. Anyways, what I tried today was screw an E=mc2 half to the Overdrive half tightly, and unscrew to see if it the bearing would transfer over to the E=mc2 half. After a few hours, it went to the E=mc2 half, but now the bearing is stuck in that half :confused:

I’m only recommending people NOT do this because not all yoyo axles use the same axle threading and/or size. This is a real easy way to screw up two yoyos fast.

How is this for a thought? Screw the bearing. Destroy it, rip it out. Maybe it’s the bearing.

Short of that, now that you have the one yoyo without the bearing, sand the bearing seat just enough to remove the anodizing. Test with a random bearing for tightness/snug/loose fit.

No need for sanding, I tried all 30 of my extra random bearings, all could be taken out with ease. I dunno, maybe OD 10 balls are just slightly bigger. Yeah, I usually don’t do it either, but I knew both yoyos were identical guts wise and it was fine.

You were being punished for putting a flat bearing in an Overdrive.

LOL yeah, only new bearings I had at the time. I put a KK in it and it plays so good.

A clamp plus a vise grip are the best advise I can give. If you haven’t tried a vise grip yet, try it! I recently got a CT off the bearing seat of doom recently with one, hurt the bearing but I didn’t care a ton. I make decent amount of money so bearings aren’t too expensive for me, and I wanted to see if it would come off without damage. As far as I could tell all I did was add vibe to the bearing, but it still spins just as long. Didn’t test it for long after. Anyway Vise grips are awesome at getting bearings off. I also think they’re a fundamental for any toolbox/house so they’re never a bad purchase. They just fix so many things!

And then, if that didn’t work, which I would be very surprised at, a clamp that hooks onto a table should be a fairly easy thing to find and won’t damage the yo-yo while holding it tightly in place. Not sure if they make them but a four way clamp might cause less damage if the normal one would. I’ve never tried this nor do I own a clamp.

Hope this helped!

Vise grip tried already and failed :frowning:

I know with vise grips you can bend penny’s pretty easily. Maybe you can just clamp the hell down on the bearing and bend it to pieces to get it off. I feel like if you just gripped the half away from the yo-yo it would bend off pretty easily.

Time to bight the bullet and accept that the bearing will likely be broken. Take a small screw driver and start working around the edge to pry it off. Who knows, it might even come off in one piece and ok.

Yeah I’ve definitely noticed this happening with my OD 10 balls and some AIGR’s.
Sad :frowning:

Oh I’m not sad about the bearing. The darn thing has cost a ton of grief and my hands were sore for a day from prying. I tried again and the shield exploded off the bearing while I was squeezing it lol.

Find another yoyo with a very tight bearing seat. Stick the stuck bearing half way onto the other yoyos bearing seat and wiggle back and worth. Usually it will result in the bearing half stuck on the other yoyo allowing you to wedge it off.

If you read all the posts, I already did :slight_smile:


You tried a drill bit/muliti tool?

Did you do the freezer?

Did you do pliers?

Maybe you need to do the freezer
method longer, try a hour…

I find the freezer for longer than right around 30 minutes is counter productive, as the two metals will have shrunk at about the same, negating the whole purpose of the freezer method. I’d had better results with waiting around 30 minutes.

At this point it sounds like more hassle than it’s worth and the bearing should be send to bearing heaven.

How do you propose I annhilate my bearing?

I know you’ve probably tried already but I would do the following:

Grab a pair of pliers, preferably ones with a little circle bit near the hinge like this:

Grip the bearing in the hole and try one last desperate wiggling to remove it, which probably wont work.

At this point, grip the pliers with both hands, yell the words “this is Sparta!”, turn your face away and clamp down with the force of a thousand black holes.

I’ve accidentally destroyed a fair amount of bearings by squeezing too hard with pliers whilst trying to remove them. They’re only thin bits of metal so with enough welly the bearing should explode quite spectacularly. You might be left with the inside of the bearing still stuck, but since it’s smaller you should be able to get better leverage on it.


There may be collateral damage. Wear safety glasses and stand back a bit.

And do this outside!

Just kidding. Linesman pliers or vice grips.