Sidestyle weird thing


I see this a lot and want to know what it is and why people do it. Whenever the do sidestyle, after they throw they act like they’re going into a trapeze but they miss and just come back around and start their trick. What is this? Is it just them missing or is there a reason behind it? ??? ??? ???


sometimes your timing is off. it helps you jump back into the groove of a trick


It also looks more stylish and cool. More of a circlular motion that entertains people more.


no no no, its all because of a little thing called momentum


it maybe for style but you only get points for it once lol some judges out there tell me after the first time they count it as a negative for losing control of the yoyo.

I guess it matters on the person…it can be done for a number of reasons.


Sometimes people do it so it gives them a bit more time to do stuff with the other hand, or just to look cool


Yeah. From my experience, if I throw hard, then land in a trapeze fast and right away, it doesnt feel right. Also, it feels like I get more spin time if I let it go around when I throw hard instead of landing straight away.