What exactly do sidecaps do??? I’ve heard that they make noise, give weight, lessen noise…etc.
Any clarifications?


I’m pretty sure on YYJ yoyos they are just there for looks


That’s Right.


Just for the looks. Also give slight amounts of weight, maybe half a gram?

(Chris Allen) #5

nothing, just branding. Most players pull them off to open the IRG, I like them in.




What I don’t understand is that some people say that yyj yoyos play a lot better with the caps out. I mean there’s not really anything behind that is it?

(Connor) #8

They’re mainly just for looks and prevent thumb grinds :smiley: . But you can take them out if you want, it wont really effect anything.

To take them out of the yoyo just use a suction cup. :wink:


yeah just for looks! i play with one in one out! lol
heres what andre has to say!