Shutter vs. Rally?

So I recently got a Rally and I love it! I’m considering getting a shutter and I want opinions. Which one’s better for me?

In short, I like fast, stable throws that can grind and fingerspin. The Rally can go pretty fast, how’s the shutter compared to the Rally in speed? That’s a big factor when I buy throws. I also like doing grinds, finger, arm mainly, and fingerspins, a thumb grind here and there… The Rally’s pretty good at finger and arm grinds, it’s decent at thumb grinds and fingerspins are ok, but not amazing. How’s the Shutter’s grinding capabilities compared to the Rally?

The Shutter looks very promising but it’s 68 grams which is usually out of my comfort zone, and throws past that are usually sluggish.

I’ve never tried the Rally but the shutter is alot slower than my g funk.

Well I’ve never tried a g funk :smiley:

Haha sorry. That wasn’t very helpful at all.

It’s cool.

And btw, I finished the boingy boing tips video. I havent sent it on yye yet but you can check my youtube channel for it.

Shutter is not blasted so it isn’t really a great grinder. It finger spins pretty well but with a blast I’m sure it would be a better grinder. I wouldn’t call the shutter sluggish but it isn’t quite fast either. It’s a good medium but slightly closer to the slower side.

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