Shutter Problems

Got a shutter worked fine spins great, it seems to be loosing its mojo. and its still farely new i would say. I did have some problems one day with the axel one day and it kinda come out one day i just put it back on? it came out kinda sideways. and idk how to take it out to look at it. Regardless ive been lubing and loosing and tightening to try to get it to work fast again. The spin times can be terrible. more so on tricks like wormhole. im afraid the axel is causing the issue.

what do?


Stop lubing it. Lube slows a bearing down. Clean the bearing, then try, if there’s still an issue we’ll go from there, but i’m quite certain it’s the bearing.

Okay thanks

What bearing is in it? The stock SPEC? I had a problem with the stock SPEC bearing, so I put in a CT.


Well I think that something got in to my bearing and that’s why it locked up.

It’s not the type of bearing tho. It’s that u put too much lube in. Clean the bearing.