"Shut up and show fate who you are"

(~Z) #1


5a moebius. Zammy. May 2009.



Aw shucks, you rule Zammy

Welcome to YoYoExpert!

(Mark) #3

This is amazing. Great vid!

Welcome the YoYoeXpert!


You might be the only thrower who wears tripp pants XD.

Great tricks though


great video.

(Jeromy K.) #6

Nice video. That was smooth, hope to see more of your videos 5A is amazing I just don’t have the skills for that.


Welcome to the forum Zamstrom. You scared me with your evil face…

Happy Throwing! =]


Yeah. Me too. At first when he looked up like that I thought he was a ghost, then came demon. Don’t scare people like that! Lol. Just kidding.


wow…you are awesome

(Mitch) #10

You are a 5A beast. That was awesome. You have some mad skills!