"On Way To A Smile"

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Zammy May 2009

My filler moeby tricks need love too.


Nice and amazing, z.

So awesome Zamstrom!

nice!!!nice tricks

Man that was sick!!!

Awesome Zamstrom!!! I can do some of your tricks! ;D

happy throwing! =]

nice mobious.

Cool mobious.

Nice… Thats pretty cool. At first Im like "Ehh,not bad, I like his 5A better then I saw what you were doing and I went to "Whoa… "

That was sick(sorry for using modern terms) I have never seen that play style before. I may have to play with that it looks promising. You sir rock and keep making videos I love your style.

Its been around for quite sometime and it went through its phase of popularity but died out. It is promiseing but due to how people react when they try it, they are often misguided and give up.
I will keep posting videos as much as I am able to create new material aha~.

Also the 5a was no normal 5a, that was “astrobius”.

Cool I’ll watch it a few more times like 40 or 50 times and try to figure it out. Thanks again for the video and opening my eyes to the style.

Goodluck with that when it comes to as such. If your wanting to learn, I suggest going on my vimeo and or my youtube and watch the video “Simplicity” to get the basics down. Then go for the more complicated material.

Alot of my stuff is complexcity, then there is the simple fun tricks too. :slight_smile:

thanks Z

nice intro video thanks man.