Shu-ta suddenly responsive

Guys i need help! the shu-ta i recently bought suddenly became responsive, it was fine at first but then all of the sudden while trying a grind trick the Shu-ta snapped back and hit my hand and now it is responsive. I’ve tried cleaning the bearing and dremeling the bearing but no dice there. What else can i do to try to get it to work?

Try another bearing (and try that bearing in another yo-yo). That will help you eliminate if it’s the bearing that’s the problem or something else.

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Nuf said!

lucky! i hate when my yos yos keep spinning and i have to do a dumb bind to get it back.


I tried that and it is doing the same thing on the other yoyo, It really is my bearing T^T help pls

How did you clean the bearing? Did you lube it at all after cleaning it? You could have damaged it in the cleaning process or it could just be a bad bearing (it happens sometimes).

Did you purchase it from us? If so, send us an email and we can help you out!

Uh, what did you do with a dremel and a bearing? Am I missing something? To me, a dremel doesn’t seem like it belongs anywhere near a bearing.

Buy a new bearing…

Some people use a dremel to spin the bearing as a type of break-in. It’s not highly recommended as I recall.

Ah, I was thinking that’s about the only thing it would be good for. But I agree, sounds like too much room for error with that, likely to do more harm than good.

Bearing break-in with a Dremel is fine in theory… but I can’t bear to do it because it’s loud and they’re not meant to be run for hours on end. Spinning for a minute or two won’t do any significant break-in, so there’s no point.

I used a low-torque (you don’t need the torque of a Dremel) hobby motor to make a bearing spinner since I like to lube bearings but want them unresponsive right away. It worked great until I overworked it and burned out the motor… so again, the execution and gear moreso than the theory.

I would love to assemble a reliable bearing spinner for break-in. :wink: