Shu-Ta - No splash colors?!

The Shu-Ta has been out a while now. Why only black, silver, and pink? No cool splash colors like the Horizon and Shutter? Am I alone here?

Because 7075 is harder to splash so they might have tried buy wouldn’t have the results like they did 10 pieces but most of those weren’t perfectly splashed like flaws or something so it it isn’t good for the company.

From their

So who knows, maybe the splashes shall turn up after all…

There was an aqua on blue splash at one point.

Yes those were with flaws so it means they tried but it’s not easy.

they made a run of blue with aqua splash shu tas but they were B grades and sold for 20 dollars at las vegas open

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Yeah, there are a bunch of b-grade Shu-Tas with flaws. I have one from BAC. I thought there were regular blue with light blue splashes, but now I can’t find any.

They exist, but sold out quickly.