What B-grade BAC2010 yoyo did you get?


I got the purple/blue splash Dv888!
So happy its a half price splash yoyo
I’ve always wanted a splash yoyo, purple or pink yoyo, and a dv888. Now i got all three for $55


Yeah, those things are a deal.


The comps are great places to get your first metal.
I was at the comp in early jan. here in sacramento. I almost got a cream for $40 but didnt have the money, totally regret it!


I got a Dv888, Black with red splash.

I’m suprised i’m one of only two people that have gotten it so far. I mean, purple/blue splash looks cool, but black/red splash looks just as cool, too. :slight_smile:


I liked it but i have a black G5 and it looks cool just if it gets dinged, it ruins it all up IMO. But yea im trying to get a colorful collection before i get more of the sane color. Gratz tho hope you enjoy your less amazing dv888 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow. Just wow.
That it purely opinion, myfriend.


Lol did you get a black b-grade shirt too?
I got blue, because black shirts lose color faster IMO again :smiley:


I didn’t get one pf those t-shirts.


Lol Well enjoy your slightly less-cool dv888 :stuck_out_tongue:


I will.


I got a Dv888, Black with red splash.

(JosephP) #12

I so would have bought one but i just bought a trinity last night :’(


I got the Purple/Blue Splash Dv888 I think the Gold and Black Splash Tactic looked cooler but I hear the Dv888 was better. I really wish I had enough for a Blue bGrade tshirt.


I got a blue dv888 small bearing and a t shirt all for 55


I really wish i can get my hand on a b-grade.


Say, does anyone know how many of these total were released? Because this is the first time in my life I have seen splash dv888s.


I got one of both! ;D


I got purple blue splash dv888 i wanted black red splash but they were out…and a bgrade shirt

(YYF/YYJboi) #19

there were only 2 b-grade dv888 splashes at BAC they were both red with blue splash i was lucky enough to be there ealry and get one ;D


Yeah, I know, right? I just keep on getting these cruddy A grade things…