shu-ta, colors?

Will the shu-ta ever be released in different colors?

Don’t think so, you can ask on the yoyofactory

Thanks, I didn’t know about the, I asked:

Will Shu-Ta be released in any different colors? When?

“Not sure if it will. We love it but people are sticking with shutter when it comes to buying”

I was hoping to wait for some colors, but it looks like I’ll have to jump on the plain silver.

I love my silver one. I would highly recommend it. The 7075 aluminum is pretty durable, it’s been hit pretty hard a few times, but it could pass off as mint.

I was leaning toward the silver one, but I always get silver, so I wanted to diversify a little. I settled on the pink one instead.

I have been on a silver run lately lol. I have 3 silver yoyos I in rotation right now.