YYF Shu-ta


I just got one off the BST and I have to ask why there is no love for the Shu ta?? Everybody talks about the shutter As the gold standard for mid ranged/budget throws. This thing is only a few dollars more and plays like a shutter on steroids and is made of 7075 so it’s super durable. What do you all think??


You’re right it’s a super underrated throw and one of my favorites. I especially love the bright pink color, which really pops in sunlight. I think people are just kind of off-put by how similar it is to the Shutter but costs more, plus there weren’t that many made compared to the Shutter.


The weight might turn some people off… I’ve never owned one but I did like the shutter


I just got one. It plays about as well as the shutter…so really well


There was something about the shu-ta I didn’t like. Not sure what though, it just didn’t feel right.


I really enjoy my shu Ta and is my favorite throw so far, I really like the weight since it feels really solid on the string. Although I haven’t thrown an actual shutter I might not really know which of the two is better.


Perhaps you should send some feedback for the guy you bought it from :wink:


Don’t worry, I gave some stellar feedback lol