YYF Shu-Ta or YYF Superstar (Pulsar edition)


I know they’re both good. I’m leaning towards the Superstar (in pulsar) because it’s larger and more traditionally H-shaped, yet the Shu-Ta is irresistible in pink and somewhat of a V/H hybrid.

Which would you go for? Right now I’m preferring larger/floatier H throws. I also like having grind options.



Shu-ta is the inevitable winner in my book.
Shutter is one of my favorite throws, and the shu-ta is an upgraded shutter.
Infact, I just bought a shu-ta with the sale because the last time I was at yoyo class I was using my friends like the whole time and decided I needed one.


What are the major differences in play between the Shu-Ta and Shutter?

The Shutter is an amazing yoyo, but it can get boring a tad fast.

Is the Shu-Ta more interesting in play? That’s the main thing that draws me to the Superstar… It has character.



Just gonna say that there’s still a superstar at my house and no shutter. Don’t own a Shu-ta but it’s on my list.