Show off your Yoyo Photography!

My friend took this of me at the beach this morning
Made it my Pfp lol


Shot it spinning with a film camera! :camera_flash: :film_strip:



Jar o string probably nicer than my box o strings

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I’m pretty happy with this picture of my AceYo Pure in the Green Glitter colorway. It’s sitting on a square piece of black glitter paper that I got at Michael’s (a hobby shop with arts & crafts stuff). The key light is sitting behind everything and pointing at the yoyo, which lights up the black glitter behind and around the yoyo. I experimented with different light placements, but I thought this one framed the yoyo the best with the glitter accents. Depending on where I put and angled the light, I’d either see tons of sparkles from the glitter paper or virtually none at all. It took some experimenting to find the right placement and angle. I also added an accent light to hit the yoyo and make it appear to light up from the inside.

My favorite part of the picture is that the highlights on the bottom half form a couple of lightning bolts in negative space on the sides of the yoyo. I don’t even recall seeing those when I was taking the photo, so they turned out to be a happy accident!

When I took the picture, the yoyo was strung up with the light greenish-blue string that it came with. I probably should have changed out the string or removed it before taking pictures, but I didn’t think of doing that. So I changed the color of the string in Photoshop to something with better contrast. The new string color, along with the green of the yoyo, remind me of a watermelon. The glitter inside the yoyo can be the watermelon’s seeds :grinning:

For those interested in the details, I used an 85mm lens and took the 24MP picture at 1/60 of a second at F/11 using ISO 200.


:fire: Wangle is HOT :fire:


A few winter shots of the Tyrant with winter edition Dedheds!


Such a simple and great idea!


:yo-yo: “Travel Team” :yo-yo: