show me your Pyro mods!

Hi all, I have a Pyro that I’m considered modding, I’m interested in seeing what you’ve done with yours. I’m thinking of chopping it for starters, but looking for other ideas as well.

I saw this one after a search, looks pretty nice:,41964.0.html

Edit: removed the link, it was to that “other” forum, which is probably not cool to do here.
Edit: icthus is right, being too paranoid, I put it back.

You’re not twisting anyone’s arm to go buy from that store. Besides why don’t you embed the pic?
If you don’t know how then send me a link in a pm and I’ll do it for you.

yeah you’re right, I put the link back and inlined a picture, thanks.

It’s just another forum. What’s the big deal? Half of the members here are on YoYoNation also! They do have a wider selection of yoyos too, but it’s the same as here but with a ton more members, and more forum sections.

Chopped are cool.

Recess? Sand it down to look raw? All that good stuff.

Not sure how well a Pyro can handle a recess. I forget the wall thickness. You can highwall one though.

Right I was thinking of maybe highwall, guess I’d need to check how deep the bearing seat is to see how far I’d go (never done any of this before, but if the Pyro doesn’t sell, I figure its worth a try).

I take it you have a lathe?

You can schmoove it but that takes skills. Also, I have not done this though.

Not yet - could end up being a rather expensive yoyo, considering the cost of a lathe - but tools are good toys too. =) Or maybe I can find a friend locally who I can borrow one from for the proper amount of alcohol or pizza, who knows.

As long as you know the dangers that come with a lathe. Even a hobby lathe. These things can rip fingers and hands off. I’ve seen it. Guy lost a thumb because he had gloves on.

I like my pyro.

Thanks for the warning icthus. I’m always very paranoid and careful around power tools - I remember my uncle cut the end of his thumb off with a circular saw (inebriated - smart move); and I also remember when I had long hair back in high school, getting it caught in a drill press, and that didn’t feel too good. I’ll add your horror story to my catalog of mental notes to recall before firing up my next power tool.