My New Lathe!!!

My neighbor gave me his old lathe. He cuts motorcycle parts or what ever. He said it’s really old but a really good lathe. He recently used it to cut steel for his motorcycle before he gave it to me. He also said he has another bigger lathe I can borrow anytime I want. He said he knows a place where a can get alluminum rods so I can do mods, and make some yoyos. I have discussed this on another forum and yes, I know that it will probably turn out vibey and or wobbley and it will be hard. Not to mention time consuming. Anyway, I am gonna be doing some sick mods on my Project 2 so stay tuned. I will be posting pics here. I am stoked I got this lathe, and for free! Anyway, don’t know much about this particular lathe. Don’t know if it is something really good or just cheesy. Any advice on acessories/tools/parts to buy for mods, comments on what you think it is worth, or just comments on what you think of it, is apriciated. :slight_smile:

The lathe:
Extra parts/tools

Here is a pic of the Project 2 I will be modding:
(I dosn’t look beat from a side shot, but it is totaly hammered on the rims, especially on the other side. Never seen a yoyo so beat.)

~James Reed

Very cool, good luck w/ it.


Thanks, I just flat rimed a PGM similar to what Rice Rocket did. And I finally got done with the P2. It is a crap load lighter, and a bit thinner. It feels semi light. Like an in between the P1 and the P2. Only thinner. Anyway, I will post a video of me doing the mods and I will showcase them on there. The video will be up when I get the time to edit. :wink:

-James Reed

Nice. I wish I had a lathe.

I want to see pics! It sounds sweet. ;D

MAN you are lucky.
I hope you enjoy your lathe.