What does the Taig metal lathe on yoyoguy do?

Okay so I was going to buy that lathe because my friends yoyo broke and I could fix it which inspired me to get that lathe fix his yoyo and to fix others for like 5-8 bucks depending on how hard it is to fix, and to sell modded free hand zeros. So I was wondering what is everything that the lathe could do could it put the rings back on that the yoyo axel goes on? Thanks BuddhaFusion :wink:

Put the threads back on an axle? Good luck.
That’s a job that allows no screw ups.
You would be better off going to Home Depot or somewhere, and getting a replacement

If you have to ask what it does you don’t even need to try to get one.

i know what they do but i was wondering if i can do that stuff i just wna make sure
and my uncle use to work in a metal shop he know how to re thread those things but i just wanted to see if that thing can do that

The only thing that will limit you is your knowledge. Remember these machines can remove fingers faster than you can blink.

Trust me. I’ve seen it first hand.

If your uncle has access to a metal lathe I would highly recommend you ask him to show you how to use it properly and then get some experience using one before you think of getting your own.

he doesnt have accesss but he use to work in a metal shop so id probaly have him do it for me or help me

Dont buy it, you are going to waste 500dollar on nothing…
If you are going to buy it… take a class on how to use lathe.
Also you are not going to be able to put the axle in and that, you need another yoyo part for that kind of stuff which can cost ALOT.
Also there is tons of people who mod fhz to sell and they are the best in the buesiness. For example-Ricerocket…
I’ve seen like 13 year old guy who got himself a lathe and charged people for modding yoyos and it was cheap price but no one asked him to do modding since he is inexperience and he ended up only doing 1 request…

Is this Mn Justin?

Mn Justin?? whos that?

haha Guess not.