"shoulda coulda woulda"


Didn’t have the best performance at the contest yesterday so i filmed my routine this morning, so you guys can see what it looks like in its glory. without further ado heres the routine that “shoulda coulda woulda” been
shout out to G Squared YoYos thanks for everything :slight_smile:

throwing Gsquared albatross on kitty string and a trifecta bearing

(Jerrod) #2





Remember me? I was the kid that talked to you right after the lunch break, when we were all walking in. I was wearing black glasses and a Nh yoyo club shirt.


thanks… yeah green shirt? sorry i didnt talk back much was just over thinking my routine at the moment pleasure meeting you though :slight_smile:
catch ya at the next contest !!!


Oh, yeah, I was wearing my green sweatshirt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope I can make the next one!


yess yes


bump any thoughs guys? comments questions… also if you like any trick combo or trick element in particular let me know and ill break it down for you in another video