Should i wait or should i buy

should i wait on the Loop 900 or buy a Sunset?

Well. Care to share a bit of preferences? I mean, you don’t want us to do eeny meeny miney moe here, right? (If we are, I landed on sunset :P)

I landed on Loop 900 (which will be at BAC by the way!)

i prefer the mod. shape over the imperial shape, but its all up to what you like. i say go to a walmart and get a duncan imperial and like the little dollar yoyos for birthday partys, in the birthday party sections. Try both see which you like better.

It all depends on how good you are, I say this because I think that the loop 900 is desgined more for the advanced 2a yoyoer, and the sunset is a good all round. I would go for the sunset (that’s what I will be getting assoon as I have the funds! £$$$£

The easiest thing to do would be to try both of them out. Some like sunsets, some like Raiders and some will probably like Loop900.

One thing to note about preference; if you don’t do a lot of 2a, preference won’t take you long unless you try it all.

what if i have no yoyo money and cant afford to try them all out

go for the loop

Just wait… it shouldn’t be too long now for the loop900, and when it hits shelves look at the pictures and decide from there

yah you should wait because what if there is a new yoyo that you want to buy and you don’t have enough money