Should i trade my Mint MVP 2 for a Mint Blizard ArcticCircle and a werrd holder?

I know im obviously getting the better end of the deal, but i LOVE my MVP 2 much more than the arctic circle.

What do you guys think, Getting rid of my favorite yoyo for a yoyo thats ok in my opinion but worth much more, or just keep my favorite yoyo?

AC rocks, I’d say go with it. But that’s my opinion.

Do it. Youll thank yourself later. You can easily trade that AC for another MVP2 down the road + something extra.

I would trade it, then if you get attached to it, you will have a AC. If you do not get attached to it, post that you want a MVP2 and you have a AC.

Doi it,do it

I would trade it. Try something new and out of your comfort zone, I had an Arctic Circle and it is great. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! :slight_smile:

You just said you love your MVP2 more than an Arctic Circle. If you plan on reselling the AC to get another MVP2 + cash, then do it. If not, why in the world would you trade your favorite yoyo? Who cares about monetary value, a throw you love and that you connect with is priceless.

That being said, the Arctic Circle is my favorite yoyo.


If you like the MVP2 more than the AC. And it’s your favorite yoyo. And you think the AC is just “ok”. I wouldn’t trade it.

Kids get too busy seeing dollar signs, if love the MVP2… and think the AC is ok, you’re going to regret it, then have to go through the work of getting an MVP2 again. For what? An extra $20?

Aw yee