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Hey Guys and Gals, I was very unfortunate and missed CLYW’s 2nd expedition Arctic Circle sale and now they are sold-out! Does anyone have an extra AC2 they might have bought and really don’t need or can really afford 2? Please help out a true yoyo fanatic if you can…I’m not rich but I can pay w/Pay Pal…ASAP!
A quick PM will do it!
I realize probably no body will want to or have an extra AC2, but this forum has some awesome people!

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Bump…still waiting friends…?


The rule here is one bump per day, but I have found some links for you.,71421.0.html,68770.0.html

Looked through 8 pages of Arctic circle search and those were the only two I found.

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Thanks for all the wonderful help and suggestions I got from the forum and I was able to finally connect w/ Jinxya and finally bought an AC2! Yeah! Thanks to everyone!
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Moderator…please remove…done!

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